About Grape Escape

“Sometimes you need to escape and live a little”

Everyone is hungry for something – whether it’s for a goal, work or pleasure. Sometimes, you need to escape and live a little to be able to attain what each and every one of us is looking for.

In 2015, Chef Herv and Nichola, inspired by family and friends, started Grape Escape at the heart of Maginhawa to share their life experiences through food. Starting as a down-to-earth stall at one of the famous food parks in the metro, Grape Escape provided a venue for people to relax, unwind and have a memorable experience. Grape Escape eventually developed into casual dining wherein families and friends can meet, have memorable conversations and enjoy good food all at the same time.


To provide a memorable food experience for people to celebrate the simple joys in life 


Maintaining trusted and memorable brand

Creating consistently great tasting food.

Providing warm and dedicated service.

Valuing the Grape Escape team as much as we value our customers.


  • Safe, Clean and Hygienic Workplace
  • Best Quality Service and Products
  • Honest Cuisine